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SafeRadar Games offeres various radar solutions regarding game and infotainment applications.

More specifically, we provide hand gesture control using 60 GHz radar that is perfectly adapted to the application.

By combining the software development experience of various games with the deep knowledge of radar sensors at SafeRadar Research we can offer a perfectly adapted solution .


Radar Knowledge

mm-Wave Radar (>57GHz)



Radar based sensors of various applications.

For instance, this could be taylored softwares for various hand gesture control systems where these are adapted for different radar hardware platforms. Such radar platforms may exhibit different fundamental performances that must be taken into consideration for the different applications.

Hand Gesture

Radar Based



Hand gesture classification relying on parameterized scatterer estimation (sparse estimation) combined with Baysian classifier frameworks and Deep learning.

Software development

Radar Signal Processing, Hand Gesture

Control, Infotainment, and Games,


Sophisticated signal processing implemented using Java or C/C++ programming languages (or Matlab/Julia/Python if real time processing aspects does not need to be considered).

Classification frameworks could either be implemented using conventional classifiers (in C/C++) or using on-line (deep) learning frameworks.

Game and Infotainment Development

Hand Gesture Control of Infotainment and



Radar based hand gesture control of infotainment applications, games control (e.g., replacing gamepad), analysis tools and HMI for e.g., Active Safety.



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Call us: +46 707278326

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